Service and Maintenance

Maintain the efficiency of your air filtration system.

The long term efficiency of the electrostatic precipitator depends on the quality of maintenance and servicing of the unit.

Exchange set of pre-filters and electrostatic cells are always recommended, and this will ensure the filtration unit is in full operation at all times.

The process starts when removing the pre-filters and electrostatic cells from the unit.

Regular cleaning of the electrostatic filters ensures that it is fully operational cleaned and efficient at all times, the electrostatic air cleaner reduces the risk of fire occurring in the ductwork and oil and grease build up.

To ensure optimum efficiency, the electrostatic cells must be cleaned periodically. Failure to do so may cause damage to the pre filters and electrostatic cells as well as making them a fire hazard. Frequency for cleaning is dependent on the level of usage as well as type of containments collected. Periodically inspection of the electrostatic unit is recommended

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