RY10000-B Electrostatic Air Cleaner with UV

Production Specifications

Unit: H: 540 mm x W: 620 mm x L: 2338mm

Cabinet: 1.4mm/ 16 gauge galvanised steel

Finishing: Weatherproof powder coated, Dark Blue

Weight: 154 Kg

Air Volume: 2800 L/s

LED Operating Indicators: Green ( ON) , Red ( OFF), Blue ( UV Ozone) on the units panel

Static pressure required: 40 pascal

Power & Voltage: 230 Volts 1PH – 3 Pin cord plug, 50 Hz, 0.45Amps without UV, 1.25Amps with UV

Ionising Voltage: High Voltage 12KVdc , Low Voltage 6KVdc

Airflow Direction: Right to Left or Left to Right

Power Supply: High frequency solid state and self regulating

Particle Size: Collects up to 0.01 microns to 10 microns

Efficiency: Single pass 95%, Double pass 99.9% ASHRAE calculated

MERV Ratings: Meets MERV 15 at velocity of 2.5m/s to 3.8m/s

Pre-Filter: Stainless steel mesh, x 4 washable

Electrostatic cell size: H: 472mm x W: 340mm x L: 550mm

Number of cells/ Weight: 4/ 16.5 Kg

Number of plates: 61

Total Collection Area: 24.28 Sq metres


Installation: Ceiling suspended, wall or frame mounted, stacked multiple units.

No of Lamps: 2

Lamp Wattage: 180 watts

Ozone output: 16 grams/ per hour

Lamp life: 13000 Hours

Application: Odour Control

Certified to: AS1668.1 and AS1668.2, certified to the BCA performance requirements, can be utilised for alternative solution compliance, ASHRAE 52.2 2017 – Method of testing general ventilation air cleaning devices for removal efficiency by particle by size. Australian and New Zealand electrical certified to AS/NZ 603335.1 AS/NZS60335.1 2011 + A1, A2, A3 NATA accredited Laboratory number 676

ESP Production Overview

For collection of dry and wet particulates like dust, oil, mist, grease and cooking fumes. Best suited for commercial kitchen systems, the electrostatic air cleaner collects particles as small as 0.01 microns and traps them within its collection plates until later cleaned, with the UV ozone working to further sanitise and destroy odours.

The dual cells are each comprised of 9 ionizing wires and 61 collection plates. Two high output ozone lamps are fitted in the unit, after the Electrostatic Cells. This can be easily removed for maintenance or lamp replacement.

Features and Benefits

  • Control panel recessed into the unit
  • Built in oil collection tray
  • Advanced gasket door system which stops air and grease leaks
  • Stainless steel rails for easy cell and pre filter maintenance
  • Compression contact switch on cells for failsafe contact. No springs to lose
  • Heavy duty collection cells which are durable and long-lasting
  • Powder coated finished and built from 1.4mm galvanised electro steel
  • High efficiency with low maintenance costs
  • UV Lamps are automatically turned on when the electrostatic air cleaner is in operation.

Download ESP Brochures

AOS ESP Brochure
RY10000B Spec Sheet

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ESP Configurations and Efficiency

Electrostatic precipitators can be installed in various of ways, they can be installed as single pass electrostatic unit which collects up to 95% efficiency usually utilised on light cooking applications or double pass filtration unit which collects up to 99.9% efficiency for heavy cooking applications such as charcoal cooking and the esp units are configurated in series collects larger amounts of smoke and grease.

95% Single Pass Efficiency

99.9% Double Pass Efficiency

Double pass filtration must be installed when discharging near windows and when exhaust air is discharge at low level or when exhaust discharging horizontally this is due to populated areas or sensitive of the area. Another method is Electrostatic filtration units can be stacked modular on top of each other to increase airflow requirements, in most cases the electrostatic precipitator is installed in plantroom to serve larger airflows in retail shopping centres, hotels and usually access requirements can be easily accessed for maintenance.

UV Ozone

The use of UV ozone technology is a common practice in commercial kitchen ventilation systems. This technology is designed to eliminate cooking odours at exhaust discharge point from various cooking applications.

The UV ozone produces ozone and undergoes chemical process such as photolysis and ozonolysis that breaks down grease and odour containing compounds produced during cooking and when ozone is in full operation there is a chemical reaction between the kitchen exhaust fumes and odours resulting in clean odour free at discharge point.

ESP Accessories

Electrostatic Filter

Contains 61 collection plates per electrostatic cell for higher collection efficiency.

Power Pack

Supplies low voltage and high voltage power to the two stages of the electrostatic unit.


Stops and collects larger grease particles entering onto the electrostatic cell.

Rain cover

Protects the electrical components for outdoor installations.

Remote Monitor

Indicates remote status of the electrostatic filter with UV ozone output control.

BMS (Building Management System)

BMS allows for real time electrostatic filtration status information.

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