Electrostatic Air Cleaner with UV Ozone

ESP Technology in Kitchen Exhaust Systems

Electrostatic air cleaners use electrical charge to remove smoke and grease and oil particles in the kitchen ventilation system before exhausting into the atmosphere.

The larger grease particles are captured on the mesh pre-filter and smaller particles which receive an electrical charge on the electrostatic cells the grease and oil are charged and captured on the cell on the collection plates which are made up of series of equally spaced aluminium plates spread equally.

The electrostatic air cleaners have been specifically designed for kitchen exhaust systems to collect grease and oil and smoke particles before filtering out of the kitchen exhaust.

The Advantages of ESP

The electrostatic air cleaners or also known as electrostatic precipitator are designed to handle rigorous and often smoke and particle removal. The main function of the electrostatic air cleaner is to filter smoke, grease, oil and odours generated during the cooking process. The electrostatic air cleaner becomes a powerful tool for smoke and odour control. The electrostatic filtration system main purpose is to adhere to strict air quality requirements and DA conditions by removing grease and oil mists from the exhaust airstream.

The advantages of the ESP it enables clean exhaust air to be discharged on roof, street or low-level discharge and some cases if discharging treated exhaust air on street level it can save costs on ductwork risers, fire -rating and cleaning costs to install the ductwork vertically through the building.

How do Electrostatic Air Cleaners work?

Step 1: Main components of ESP

The electrostatic air cleaner main components consist of power packs, pre-filters, electrostatic cells (see Figure 3). The power pack is one of the main functions of the electrostatic unit it operates with low and high voltages to destroy smoke emissions.

Step 2: Washable Mesh Filters and Electrostatic Cells

The larger grease particles are trapped on the washable mesh pre-filter and the remaining smaller particles receive an electrical charge on the ionizing section of 12kv. The remaining charged particles receive an 6kv charge on the collection plates which collects grease and oil on the electrostatic cell.

Step 3: Maintenance of ESP

Overtime the washable pre–filter and electrostatic cell will collect large amounts of grease and oil it will require periodically servicing and cleaning and exchange set of pre-filters and cells are recommended for each service.

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The Benefits of ESP Technology for your Business

AOS electrostatic precipitators certified and tested to ASHRAE 52.2 2017 (Method of testing general ventilation air cleaning devices for removal efficiency by size) provided for the industry accepted for measuring electrostatic filters efficiency.

Electrostatic units certified and tested to AS/NZS 60335.1 to ensure electrostatic filtration units are operating at safe electrical level and it allows the product to be sold in Australia and New Zealand.

AOS electrostatic air cleaners operate at correct face velocity between 2-3 m/s ASHRAE certified it allows for higher smoke and odour removal. The faster the face velocity airflow the efficiency will decrease.

AOS electrostatic cell comprises of 61 individual collection plates for higher smoke, grease and oil efficiencies.

Double pass configurations allow for exhaust air to be discharge at street level and removes cooking smoke and odour at 99.9% efficiency.

Electrostatic air cleaners keep environment clean and green for future generations.

ESP removes grease and oil build – up in the ductwork reducing the risk of a fire occurring in the ductwork.

Electrostatic air cleaner with UV ozone incorporates UV ozone lamp that produces ozone and undergoes chemical processes such as photolysis and ozonolysis that breaks down grease and odours containing compounds during the cooking process.

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