Remove smoke and odour with an Electrostatic Air Cleaner with UV

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Let's Clean the Air with an ESP

It's important to have a smoke and odour strategy to protect the environment from smoke and odour emissions as well as reduce grease and oil build up in the ductwork. This eliminates fire risk and contributes to a clean and healthy kitchen.

Removes Smoke & Odour

AOS air filtration and ESP products can be installed in your kitchen exhaust system. Our electrostatic technology will remove smoke and our UV ozone will remove any odours that is coming out of your kitchen.

Modular and configurable

The RydAir ESP electrostatic air cleaner B series range is modular in design and configurable to match your airflow needs. It has an efficiency of 95% in a single pass configuration and 99.9% in a double pass configuration.

NZ/Aus Certified

Our ESP products have been electrically tested and certified for commercial use and sale in Australia and New Zealand. We are committed in providing air filtration solutions that is effective and adhere to the NZ safety standards.

Maintenance & Support

In New Zealand’s competitive marketplace, it is important that businesses that require air filtration systems have minimal downtime and with support. We are committed to our customer service and providing after sale support to our customers.

Electrostatic Air Cleaners

Electrostatic Air Cleaner with UV Ozone uses electrical charge to remove smoke, grease and odours from the kitchen exhaust system and the remaining cooking odours are destroyed by uv ozone it allows for clean air discharge.

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Wet Scrubber

AOS Wet Scrubber utilises constant high-pressure water spray to remove soot, live embers in the ductwork and cools down the temperature in the ductwork.

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Ozone Generator

The AOS Ozone Generator injects ozone into the ductwork via pvc pipe it eliminates build-up of grease and oil in the ductwork as well as neutralising cooking odours.

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Envirohood proprietary kitchen exhaust hood is independently certified and tested by Global-Mark Pty Ltd. The Envirohood is designed to capture exhaust air contaminant exhaust air and heat generated during the cooking process.

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Activated Carbon

The RydAir Carbon filters are required for odour control in commercial ventilation systems they remove bad cooking odour and residue ozone in sensitive discharge exhaust areas.

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ESP Accessories

Accessories such as the remote monitor enables the ability to check the status of units and the rain cover can protect the electrical components. Our ESP are built to robust for indoor or outdoor installation.

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How do Electrostatic Air Cleaners work?

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Benefits of the AOS Electrostatic Air Cleaner

Control panel Recessed into the unit.

Built in Oil Tray.

Advanced Gasket door systems, which stops the leaking of grease.

Stainless steel rails which makes it easy to slide Cells and pre filters to slide out for maintenance.

Compression switch on the filters which therefore means no springs on the cells.

High efficiency, Low maintenance and replacement costs and optional UV ozone in all RY series electrostatic air cleaners.

Heavy duty collection cells durable and long lasting.

Powder coated finish and built from 1.2 mm galvanized electro steel.

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Service and Support

To maintain the efficiency of our RydAir electrostatic precipitators, it is crucial that a maintenance plan is in place. AOS is committed to providing this service to ensure the longevity of your kitchen exhaust system and ESP solution.

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Why customer’s choose AOS for Air Filtration Solutions

AOS filtration products clean air solutions for commercial kitchen exhaust systems.

Electrostatic air cleaners comply with local council regulations and development application conditions.

Provide certification and consultation for each individual project.

AOS products are environmentally friendly and contributes to a clean and green environment.

Solutions for your Air Filtration System

Find a solution that will suit the needs of your project, whether it be a street level discharge or to retrofit to an existing kitchen exhaust system, we have the flexibility and experience in making it work for you.

When smoke and odour discharge cannot be ventilated through a mechanical riser, instead is discharged horizontally onto the street level. It is important that a double pass is configured to ensure that no smoke or odour becomes an issue with neighbours.

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Smoke and odour is discharged at a low level close to the boundaries, near windows, air intakes or natural ventilation.

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Designed to cool down solid fuels such as wood fire, charcoal, wood and hot coals. This can achieved through a combination of electrostatic precipitators and AOS wet scrubber.

A lease agreement where the tenant is responsible for the air filtration and kitchen exhaust system. We have a range of products that can ensure that all areas of responsibility is covered.

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AOS air filtration products can be installed into existing ventilation system. This is often when a smoke or odour issue begins in a pre-existing system. Our products can be retrofitted into your kitchen exhaust system.

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Recycled Kitchen Exhaust filtration can only be used for light cooking environments. This is when air is cycled through the kitchen exhaust system with the air being cleaned by our ESP, carbon filtration and ozone generator product line.

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Low Velocity Filtration can be achieved by a AOS Type 7 Envirohood where a longer overhanging exhaust hood allows for reduced airflow thus allowing for small duct work and exhaust fans.

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AOS can provide a performance-based solution to satisfy requirements of AS1668 parts 192 and BCA performance requirements. Alternative solution filtration can be achieved through AOS kitchen exhaust filtration products.

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Our Filtration Products can be installed in plant rooms to remove smoke and odour from kitchen exhaust. Our products are robust enough to fit your airflow requirements.

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ESP Electrical Certified

The sale of electrostatic precipitator at a global scale must maintain a level of standard to ensure that the product is safe for commercial use. RydAir and AOS products have undergone testing in world class equipped laboratories. Product safety testing is conducted by experienced engineers and technicians perform stringent test to ensure major safety standards for Australia and New Zealand.

RydAir and AOS products are used in busy environments that demand minimal downtime and above all, a very high level of standard for safety. AOS Air Filtration products are built with service in mind that will ensure that there is very little disruption to our client’s commercial kitchen as our filtration products are built from the ground up with your customers in mind.

View our ESP in 360 Degrees

Take a closer look at our AOS ESP unit in 360 degree. Built to be modular and to fit right into different fittings.

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